Engravings that have more noticeable or major defects are classified as sale pieces. We list all of our sale pieces in the Sale Section of our Etsy shop.



To maintain a high quality for all the pieces we send out, we designate engravings that have minor defects as B-Stock and sell them at a discount. B-Stock engravings may have wood defects, engraving defects, or blemishes caused by the finishing process. 

Despite the minor defects, these maps are still fully finished and crafted to the same degree as our full-price maps. Excluding natural grain imperfections, the defects on B-Stock maps aren't usually noticeable from a few feet away. 

We list all of our B-Stock pieces in our Etsy shop. For each listing, if we have any B-Stock maps available, they'll be shown in the "Material" drop down menu.