B-Stock examples

Below are examples of B-Stock maps. These examples are meant to show the kinds of defects in these maps, but this list is not exhaustive of all the defects you might see.

For each of the maps below, we show a picture of the whole map as well as a close up of the defect.




We try to place knots outside of the map design whenever possible, but sometimes (as seen in the Buffalo map), they end up within the map artwork.



Grain Streaks

Sometimes the natural grain contains darker streaks.




Light Knots

This piece has 5 light knots. They don't stand out right away, but over time they are noticable.



Chip Out

Sometimes tiny pieces of the engraving chip out, often within the small sections of letters. This isn't usually noticeable when looking at the piece straight on, but if you angle it under the light, it tends to jump out. 



Other Blemishes

Sometimes there are random dark markings in the natural wood grain, as seen in this Chicago map.