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Please excuse our appearance while we are upgrading our maps! We are switching to White Birch wood and haven't had a chance to put up new pictures yet.

This engraved map art shows the neighborhoods of Yonkers, New York.

Dimensions: 12” tall x 10” wide

All maps come sanded, finished and ready to bring a pop to your home decor. Wood grain varies with each map, making every piece unique. 


Maps are made from 1/2" White Birch wood and come ready to hang with a keyhole in the back.


We have two different types of wood frames:

  • Our Walnut, Cherry, and Coffee wood frames have a veneer finish and are a great economical option.

  • Our Hand-Oiled frames are solid hardwood Walnut and make for a striking final product.


Puzzles are made from 1/8" thick White Birch and come inside a wooden box that has the outline of the map on the slide-out lid.

Sale Maps

We have a limited quantity of 1/4" Baltic Birch wood maps available at sale prices. These maps are remaining inventory from when we used to make maps from Baltic Birch wood. If we have any of these maps available, they will be listed below. These maps do not have a keyhole for hanging, but they can be purchased with a sawtooth hanger glued onto the back of the wood for easy hanging.

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