Buffalo Area

Buffalo Area

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This map shows the districts in the city of Buffalo, as well as some of the surrounding suburbs to the east and south.

Dimensions: 10” tall x 12” wide

All maps come sanded, finished and ready to bring a pop to your home decor. Wood grain varies with each map, making every piece unique. Maps can be framed and our framing options are shown in the listing pictures. Any map can also be made as a puzzle, complete with a matching box.


Maps are made from 1/4" thick Baltic Birch.

There are three hanging options:

  • Map Only (no hanger or frame)
  • With Hanger (glued onto the back of the map)
  • Framed (with hanger on frame)


Puzzles are made from 1/8" thick Baltic Birch and come inside a wooden box that has the outline of the map on the slide-out lid.

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